Principal's Message

Dear partners in making of the future,

A school is the most fertile and appropriate place to shape young minds. At Vishwa Bharati Public School, Greater Noida, we provide a plethora of opportunities to research, to re-imagine and recreate, not only to students but also to teachers.

We are living in an age where we are bombarded with information, with technology taking the reigns. Post Covid , learning has moved to the next lap, that is unprecedented but real. We observe a mammoth change in the social, interactive, emotional , let alone, academic attitude of our students today. That there’s a gap not only in learning but social skills and emotional well-being is evident as we interact with them. Where do we intervene as educators of this generation?

In these two years, when children were learning from home, the chances to try, to train,to compete, to explore were galore. It is all in the perspective. When there is one opinion, that the children have missed much, there also stands the truth that many excelled in their linguistic abilities, research skills, concept clarity because of continuous exposure to social networking sites, English movies, Youtube videos, lessons on Digital Platforms and the like. Not only that, children have become much more informed and some of them have shown a jump in confidence which comes with knowledge and exposure to things happening around the world.

But in a classroom full of students that have knowledge in the palm of their hands, what is the role of a teacher? The teacher is only a facilitator. But, at Vishwa Bharati Public School, Greater Noida , the teacher is more than just a facilitator. Every child here will vouch for the personal touch, the care , the warmth, the availability, the one-to-one connection that children find in their teachers. The world today needs men and women with a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient) than a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient). At Vishwa Bharati Public School , Greater Noida we infuse this EQ into our children such that they become men and women of competence, character and compassion. Come and taste for yourself. At Vishwa Bharati Public School, Greater Noida we leave no stone unturned to ensure no child is left behind and this is the USP of the organization.

By coding, experimenting, modeling, debating, competing in Olympiads both National and International, playing in State, National and International levels, excelling in Art and Music, the young talents take fun of learning to a new level of elation.

Dear parents and guardians, I invite you to join hands with us to build this ambitious tribe of thinkers and explorers to become problem–solvers and innovators that works locally but impacts globally. When I look at these enthusiasts, I know I am a contributor of a brilliant tomorrow! Come, be a part of our journey.

Mahendri Devi