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ASTRONOMY DAY is culmination of SPACE club where club students get a platform to showcase their learning during club activities to the school management as well as school students. While preparing for Astronomy day, students enhance the life skill such as Management, Organizational, Leadership, Scientific Temperament, Presentation, Decision Making and Logical reasoning. The event is planned and executed by club students only with the support and guidance from SPACE educator and the school coordinator thereby increasing their confidence and communication skills.

On 27th February 2015, SPACE club Module 1 students of Vishwa Bharati Public School, Greater Noida celebrated ASTRONOMY DAY in their school. A total of 10 activities were organized by the students. Around 300 students of grade 5-8 participated in the event.

The ASTRONOMY DAY started with an introduction to Astronomy Day by Club head Tanya followed by inauguration with hydro rocket launch by Ms. Poonam Mehta, Principal. At the same time, the SPACE club students explained the basics of rocketry to the audience students.
Ms. Poonam Mehta, Principal and students inaugurating
Astronomy Day with hydro rocket launch
In this activity, SPACE club students explained about the parts of a rocket and its launcher. After explaining the parts of a rocket, club students explained NEWTON’S THIRD LAW OF MOTION i.e., every action has an equal and opposite reaction, on which a rocket works. The students enacted the various roles during the rocket launch process
arrow Launch control officer - Kshitij
arrow Safety lookout officer & Recovery officer - Piyush
arrow Air pumping officer & Fuel officer - Sandeep
The other audience students enjoyed the launch as they were amazed to see a real rocket flying in their school premises and appreciated the application of laws of motion.
In this activity, SPACE club students Prachi and Yutika explained about Comets and also made comet with simply available household material. During the making of comet the club students followed all the safety measures and ensured the importance of these measures to their fellow students. Through this activity, the audience students learnt the definition, parts, size, content etc. of a comet.

Ms. Poonam Mehta, Principal holding a self
made comet by Club students

In Safe Solar Observation, SPACE club students Navya, Mugdha and Ankita handled the telescope themselves and illustrated sunspots to audience students by projection method and explained about some of the safe as well as unsafe methods to observe the SUN.

Club student Ankita explaining the parts of telescope
and its working to Ms. Poonam Mehta, Principal
Ms. Poonam Mehta, Principal observing the Sun
with pin-hole projector
This is an amazing activity in which Club students Kshitij and Arjun explain to track time as well as find directions using ancient tools such as sundial and gnomon stick to the audience students. Other then the above mentioned activities, students also explain the importance of time and directions in Astronomy as well as day-to-day life.  

Club students Kshitij and Arjun explaining the use of
Gnomon to find directions to students

In ASTRONOMY QUIZ, Club students Naman and Sahil conducted a presentation based quiz. They asked different types of questions such as identifying a person, naming an object or answering a question to audience students. The winners were given a prize.

Winners of the Quiz getting prize from
Ms. Shailja Razdan,Club Coordinator

Overnight Session at Sariska, Rajasthan
Date: 14-04-15 to 15-04-15

Firstly students were introduced about the boundaries of astroport and the reason for the visibility of so many stars over there. After that they were served with proper dinner at 8.30pm.
A session was conducted at 10.30pm to understand the usage of Planisphere (a tool used to locate the stars, constellation and planets). After this session the students were instructed to move to the observation ground round about 11pm and use of red light was allowed as white light affects eyes dark adaptability. They got the information about the magnitude of the night sky at astroport and in Delhi. Moreover they were taught how to use the latitude finder and locate the pole star using it. They also learnt to locate pole star using the Big Dipper Constellation. A story was being narrated about the Hunter constellation (Orion).
Students observed shooting stars, Jupiter, Saturn, star arcturus, Vega, Orion nebula, ring nebula etc. using the telescope they also located zodiac constellations using the planisphere and the line of stars passing through all eight planets and zodiac constellation known as eclipse.
The overnight session continued till 3.30am morning. After taking rest of one and a half hour, students got ready for morning breakfast at 5.00am and were served with heavy breakfast round about 5.30am. Before leaving the students also saw the visible crescent phase of the moon.

DATE: 18-04-15

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