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National Journalism Day

On 17th November 2016, National Journalism Day was observed at Vishwa Bharati Public School Greater Noida. On this occasion a panel discussion on the topic 'Freedom of Press' was organised. Panelists on the occasion were journalists  Shweta Kothari from electronic media,  Yogendra Katiyar and Manish Tiwari from print media. School Secretary Mr M L Nakhasi, felicitated the journalists and lauded their efforts at unravelling the truth.  Students in the audience put up interesting questions.  On this occasion, some of our students witnessed firsthand how the work of the journalists transforms to black and white print. Students of classes 4th and 5th of the school got an opportunity to visit the Hindustan Times Printing Press at Noida. Principal Dr Bhavana Kulshrestha said,  "I firmly believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate and potent short-term tool."

Diwali Celebration and Folk Art Competitions

On 28/10/2016 Diwali was celebrated in the school with traditional fervour. Students of grades 1st through 10thparticipated in various intra-class folk-art competitions like – Rangoli, Bandhanwar, Thali decoration, Diya decoration etc. Thereafter, the spirit of Diwali was invoked with Havan, Ganpati Stuti, Laxmi Ashtakam and Mahalaxmi Arti. Students of Pre-primary staged their sartorial swag in ethnic attire while the students of class 9th, through the medium of a street-play exhorted all to celebrate cracker-free Diwali. The students were told about the legends behind each of the five days of the Diwali Celebrations. The festivities culminated on the note of –‘Let the light shine out of the darkness!’

Model United Nations Conference

United Nations Day was observed in the school on 24/10/2016 and on this occasion Model United Nations Conference was simulated for all the students of Class VII.  Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students can learn about diplomacyinternational relations, and the United Nations. Young delegates were assigned different countries and they proudly represented their nations at the United Nations General Assembly.  The agenda for this conference was ‘Terrorism - A Threat to International Peace and Security, With Special reference to Iraq and Syria’. Delegates conducted research before the conference and formulated their debating positions, staying true to the actual position of the nation they represented. The whole exercise involved researchingpublic speakingdebating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. At the end of the conference, the best-performing delegates were recognized with awards.
BEST DELEGATES – GAURI (Delegate of Vietnam)  DIYA (Delegate of Belgium)
SPECIAL MENTION –KUNAL SOLANKI (Delegate of Greece)  SANSKRTI (Delegate of Surinam)

Science & Social Science Exhibition at Vishwa Bharati

Science & Social Science Exhibition was held at Vishwa Bharati Public School Greater Noida on 15.10.2016. The Exhibition showcased various projects, models and dioramas prepared by the students as a part of their learning in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Political Science, Geography and Disaster Management. School Secretary Mr M L Nakhasi said that there was a great deal of enthusiasm shown by the students as everybody appreciated the hands-on approach to learning. Some of the interesting exhibits were on Solar energy,  Rain Water Harvesting, Smart City etc. Little innovators made vibrant Kaliedoscopes that enthralled the audience. Specially appreciated was the model on Disaster Management that told what precautionary measures should be taken in drastic situations, may it be a natural calamity or a human accident. The models that were created showed glimpses of the analytical side interspersed with ingenious and creative ideas. According to the Principal Dr Bhavana Kulshrestha, "This event was Vishwa Bharati's endeavour to create critical thinkers who think out-of-the-box and confront the current paradigms".

Educational Trip to Agra 

An Educational Trip to Agra was organized for the students of  classes VI To X on 05/10/2016 to study Mughal architecture. The objective was to take the learning out of the four walls of the classroom. The students got to see for themselves what they had hitherto read in their history books. This was also school's attempt to foster communal harmony and develop understanding towards our composite 'ganga-jamuni' culture. The students observed that buildings of Mughal period are characterized by the pronounced domes, slender turrets at the corners, the palace halls supported on pillars and the arched gateways. The tour guide compared Akbar’s architecture vis-a-vis Shahjahan's. Synthesis of Hindu- Muslim art tradition at Jahangiri Mahal, brilliant acoustics at deewan-e-aam, attention to intricate details at Mussaman Burj and exquisite ‘pietra dura’ work at Taj Mahal - left an indelible mark on the students' mind. The trip enabled the students to learn more about their History, architecture and culture which is also a part of their academic

Movie Festival at KNMA

On 05/10/2016 students of classes 4th and 5th had the pleasure of attending children’s movie festival at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Noida. After a small walk through the museum, the students enjoyed the movies Kung Fu Panda & Jungle Book at the auditorium. The experience was thoroughly exhilarating for the children.

English Proverb Enactment Competition 

On 01/10/2016, English Proverb Enactment Competition was held for Classes III-V. Using stories the students explained the messages given in famous proverbs. Some of the proverbs picked by the students were-  ‘Time and tide wait for none’ ; ‘Honesty is the best policy’ ; ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’. The objective was to use theatre in education and to give opportunity to all students in the class in the production of the enactments. The results are follows –
First – class 4th A
Second – class 5th A
Third – class 4th B

Hindi Story Enactment Competition

On 01/10/2016, Hindi Story Enactment Competition was held for Classes VI to VIII.  The students chose a story from their textbooks and dramatized it.  The audience was enthralled by the famous stories like ‘Idgah’, ‘lota bhar paani’, ‘andher nagari chopat raja’ etc.  
The results are as follows –
First – class 8th A
Second – class 8th B
Third – class 6th B & 7th A

Environment Seminar  

On 29/09/2016 students of classes 1st through 10th attended the seminar on ‘Save Environment ‘ where the students were sensitised towards the need to Recycle, Reuse & Reduce.  There were 3 separate sessions conducted for different age groups. The seminar was an initiative of Cummins India. The Resource Person on the occasion was – Mr Jitesh Dogarwal.  Through various tools like audio-video, Q&A and pledge, the resource person drove home his point and left a lasting impression on the young minds.

World Tourism Day

On September 27, school celebrated World Tourism Day. The objective was to create awareness about the importance of tourism and its impact on society in various fields. Different groups of students undertook their educational tours with enthusiasm. The toddlers from pre-primary and 1st  classes went on environment tourism and began with a walk through Botanical Garden at Noida. They explored and learnt about different fauna and their environmental implications. Students of classes 2nd  & 3rd , undertook architectural tourism and toured the Dalit Prerna Sthal, Noida. The students studied contemporary architecture and compared it with the medieval and ancient.  World Tourism Day was taken as an opportunity to reflect on the importance of tourism to global well-being. 

Teachers’ Professional Development Workshops 

On 20/09/2016 Professional Development Workshop was organized for teachers. The topic was ‘Motivation – The Power of Positive Thinking’ and the resource person was – Ms Samridhi Sagar. The workshop was organized by Ratna Sagar Publishers. The workshop was attended by all teachers and administrative staff. The resource person emphasised on the importance of being optimistic, sanguine and positive. The continued education and training of teachers through professional development programmes is sure to help our teachers grow personally and professionally to become an even more valued member of the teaching fraternity. 
On 24/09/2016 Workshop on ‘Strees Management through Sahaj Yoga‘ was organized by the resource persons – Mr Pankaj Chopra, Dr Onipudue, Dr Aparna Poun and Ms Minakshi Tikku. The objective was to develop the inner strengths of the participating teachers. We hope that when our teachers are able to regularly participate in professional training programmes they will be better prepared for quality classroom transactions.

Academic Inspection

On 17/09/2016 a three member Academic Committee, headed by ……… and ……… and ….. as members, inspected the school. The committee provided suggestions for school improvement, academic enrichment and increased enrolment. The committee’s guidance was gratefully received and its compliance is already underway.

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Chitrakatha Pradarshini was organized on 14/09/2016 to celebrate Hindi Diwas in the school. This was our students’ way of marking the importance of the country’s most widely spoken language. Students of class X showcased their creativity as also, their love for their mother tongue. They combined visuals and texts and displayed amazing graphic-stories across various genres viz. Classics, Mythologies, History, Cartoons and Folk-tales. Students felt motivated when their work was exhibited and was lauded by all.

Trip to the Book Fair

With an objective to inculcate in our children, the love for books, on 15/09/2016 students from pre-primary section were taken to the Book Fair organized by National Book Trust at India Expo Mart Greater Noida. It was an excellent opportunity for children to get introduced to the amazing world of books. The little ones also attended the story-telling session. Children, assisted by their teachers, experienced the thrill of buying their very first story book from a big book fair. We hope this endeavour will help our avid readers to bloom into leaders.

Folk Dance Competition

Solo Folk Dance Competition was organized on 05/09/2016 for students of Class 6th to 8th. The children dressed in colourful ethnic costumes swayed to the beats of folk music. Twirling toes, rhythmic foot-work along with the beat of music kept the audience enthralled. The result is as follows: First Palak Arora ; Second Ira Soni ; Third Aryan Arora & Shivang Srivastava

Teachers’ Day Celebration

Celebrating Teachers’ Day on 05.09.2016 was the recognition of the devotion, with which, teachers undertake the responsibility of educating a child academically as well as morally. The day started with paying a floral tribute to Dr. Saravpalli Radhakrishnan. The day had an emotional and recreational touch. On this day, our senior students dressed up like their teachers and taught their juniors, the same way as their teachers do. As the day passed, the students performed the activities that are performed by the teachers. The teachers were overwhelmed on seeing the love and respect of their students.

Virasat – The Heritage Exhibition

On 03/09/2016 school organised VIRASAT – The HERITAGE EXHIBITION to coincide with the PTM. Each class chose one Indian state as its theme and displayed its costume, folk songs, music, dance, food, recipes, weaves, sports and games, antique pieces, trivia, script, literature, dialect etc. It was like a ‘Bharat-darshan’ with the tableaux from different states emphasizing national unity and integrity. Rajasthani pavilion dazzled with ghevar, ghoomar, gangaur and gota Patti. Serene Sikkim was represented by meditating lama, orchids, momos, prayer flags and dragons. Pavilion of Andhra Pradesh boasted of biryani, pearls, pochampalli kuchipudi and of course- P V Sindhu. Likewise each state had something unique to showcase. But the show-stealer were Modi-Kejriwal working together in the pavilion of Delhi, manifesting the wishful thinking of the students. The students participated whole heartedly with great zeal and enthusiasm. The exhibition won the accolades and appreciations of one and all present.

Trip to the Parliament House

On 02/09/2016 students of Class IX and their teachers visited the Parliament house to get a learning experience and see where India is shaped and reshaped. The imposing Sansad Bhavan that stands virtually unnoticed at the end of Sansad Marg was inaugurated in 1927; it is the place where the world’s largest democracy works. The parliament guide informed the students that, “The Montague-Chelmsford Reforms of 1919 paved way for the Parliament.” Students excitedly wandered around the voluminous corridor and counted the number of columns. They visited the semi-circular Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Central Hall. The students enquired of their show guide as to where Narendra Modi & Sachin Tendulkar sit; Where Bhagat Singh sat when he threw the bomb? The students were overwhelmed by this experience.

Grand Parents Day Celebration & Plantation Day

The school created an enjoyable and memorable experience for children and their grandparents as they planted a sapling together on 31.08.2016 on the occasion of Grand Parents Day & Plantation Day. The plant would grow up to be a tangible symbol of their caring intergenerational relationship. The students of playgroup to class 2 were asked to bring a happy picture of ‘me-and-my-grandparents’ which was turned into a sentimental memorabilia with the child’s hand print on it. Little children tapped their feet to the Hanuman Chalisa and sang ‘grandparents you are special’ to enthrall their grandparents. The musical interlude with beats from the 1970s made the grandparents nostalgic. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Saroj Koul Member, Academic Committee, VBWWI who said that through their bed-time stories and narratives grandparents pass on unwritten history. The day will definitely stay etched forever in the memories of all present.

National Sports Day

School celebrated National Sports Day on 29th of August with great fanfare. The ceremony began with paying floral tribute to the hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand. Students were told that August 29, 1905 was the day when India’s most successful hockey player of all times was born in Allahabad. Sports Captain Manu Chauhan led the sportsmanship oath and a melodious song was sung by a group of students emphasising team spirit. Students of pre primary through senior school participated in various sporting competitions. The toddlers enjoyed themselves at rabbit race, frog race, Jalebi race and the likes while their seniors earnestly gave in their best at 100 metre, 400 metre, javelin, shot put, relay race, hurdles etc. Motivated by India's good show at the recently concluded Olympics, children's enthusiasm and aspirations were particularly high.

Visit to Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

On 23.08.2016 100 students of classes 6th and 7th from Vishwa Bharati Public School, Greater Noida visited the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Noida. This was the school's attempt to develop aesthetic appreciation in the young children and provide memorable, immersive learning experience to them. We realize that taking children to art museums opens their eyes to different ideas and perspectives that are relevant to their lives. This exposure helped develop critical and creative thinking skills, which are integral to future success. This was followed by an Art Workshop by the museum where our young artists tried their hands at bamboo weaving. Children thoroughly enjoyed this splash of creativity and came back much happier for the simple reason that, giving vent to the emotions through the medium of art is known to be an excellent way of managing emotions.

Independence Day Celebration

A large crowd of staff, students and parents saluted the nation on the auspicious day of 15/08/2016. There was freedom in the minds, faith in the words and pride in the souls of our passionate patriots as the ceremony commenced at 9.00 am in the school ground. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the school Secretary Mr M L Nakhasi unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the National Anthem and expressed the joy of our freedom. This was followed by a powerful speech by a student –Kumar Priyam. The students of choir group sang the patriotic song that awakened everyone’s feelings towards our motherland. Principal addressed the gathering and quoted the famous lines of the iconic poem written by Nobel laureate - Tagore. Mass-recitation, Mass-drill and group-dance elevated the patriotic fervour to a higher level. The toddlers, dressed as National Leaders stole the hearts. The ceremony culminated with the high-pitched, high-energy rendition of Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay’s ‘Vande Matram’.

Inter-class Recitation Competition

On 12.08.2016 Inter-class Recitation Competition was organized with 100 percent participation of classes I through V. Recitation is believed to be the basic means of training language ability. As a prelude to the Independence Week the theme for the poems was patriotic. It was a delight to see the entire class recite the poem with impressive synchronization and discipline. The rendition increased students’ self-confidence and their social abilities and also improved their English level greatly. Students of class II B stood First and in Second and Third place we had 4th A and 4th B respectively.

Inter House Patriotic Group Song Competition

In order to exhibit gratitude and respect towards our dedicated freedom fighters and their selfless sacrifices to bestow us with independence, the school organized Inter House Patriotic Group Song Competition on 12.08.2016. The Competition was a prelude to the Independence Week Celebrations. Vishwa house stood First, followed by Shivam and Sundaram house in Second and Third places.

Magic Show

On August 10th 2016, school invited a magician, to surprise children of the school with a magic show. The show was for the aid of Indian Red Cross Society. Kids clapped with elation as a 5 rupee note turned into a 500 rupee currency note. Eyes dilated wide as a beautiful umbrella turned into shreds with brandishing of a wand. There was utter confusion on the faces as children tried to understand how a solar box that disappeared on the stage was found on the staircase. The trick that sent ripples of excitement in the crowd was when a vanished ball reappeared as a child coughed. Children cheered with passionate patriotism as three pieces of fabric turned into the revered ‘Tiranga’. School thanked the witty magician Mr Rajesh Bharati, who through his tricks, gave the message of water-conservation and created awareness against substance abuse and against superstition.

Green Day for Toddlers

On Monday 08/08/2016, Green Day was observed by the students of Kindergarten and class First. The objective was to help toddlers associate that the green colour signifies nature and its bounty. The students and the teachers were dressed in green to signify their unity. The classroom was decorated in different hues of green. They went on a nature-walk around our sprawling campus and marveled at the greenery around. Students also made a green tree using green coloured paper. Green Day was an enjoyable learning activity which will have a long lasting effect and will firmly establish the concept of colours, in the little minds.

Hiroshima Day Seminar

On 05.08.2016 Vishwa Bharati Public School, Greater Noida organised a seminar on the topic ‘Nuclear Weapons: A Threat to Humanity and World Peace’. The main objective of this seminar was to give a public-speaking opportunity to all students of class 9th and to give thought to the abolishment of nuclear weapons and spread amongst them, the awareness and understanding of world issues. 70 students participated in this seminar. The students were reminded that Hiroshima Day commemorates 6 August 1945, the day when an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, followed a few days later by another one dropped on the city of Nagasaki. The bombings effectively ended Second World War by bringing about the surrender of Japan, but at a terrible price. The students also used this occasion to ponder about the horrors and atrocities caused by some recent wars. Hiroshima Day at the school was a focus for anti-war and anti-nuclear discussions and demonstrations. ‘Best Paper Presentation’ was by M. Gaurav.

Havan at the Sanskarshala

Starting August 1st 2016, we make havans an integral part of our school-routine. Havan has a purifying effect on both - man and environment. We know that sound produced by chanting of mantras and offerings into the fire, has positive vibrations which works to soothe our body and mind. Havan also destroys harmful bacteria in the atmosphere and brings harmony in environment since the samagri used in the havan produces a fumigatory response to the atmosphere, purifying the environment around. We want our children to reap the spiritual, therapeutic and environmental benefits of Havan and so each day a different set of children will perform the Havan, at our newly established Sanskarshala.

Professional Development Programmes Attended by Teachers

Attending workshops helps teachers get updated information on key issues that concern them. Such platforms create learning communities that bring together like-minded educators who exchange experiences, ideas and best practices from their own institutions. Keeping this objective in mind, on Friday 22/07/2016, Ms Rashi Singh along with two students Chitvan and Pallavi, attended a workshop on 'Gender Sensitivity ' at Fortis Healthcare Noida. The participants were sensitized towards gender ideologies, role of family, society, media in checking stereotype behaviour. Ms Shailaja Razdan attended a session on 'Role of counsellors ' at Radisson Blu Ghaziabad on Thursday 28/07/2016. The participants discussed issues like role of counsellors and teachers in making students future-ready. The event was organized by Extramarks Education Ltd.

Workshop on Financial Education by SEBI

To make our children ‘money-wise’, Financial Education Workshop for the grade 11 & 12 students was organized at Vishwa Bharati Public School, G Noida on 30/07/2016 by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Dr Mukul Jain, a certified trainer from the market regulator – SEBI, was the resource person. This interactive workshop was intended to spread basic financial awareness among students, so that they can make well-informed, sound financial decisions amid rising instances of fraudulent schemes. The future citizens were given to realize the importance of savings, role of banks, wealth creation, and the power of compounding.

Water-play for Little Ones

Refreshing drizzle on 29/07/2016 brought opportunity for rejuvenating water-play where children of classes Playgroup to II, played in water with reckless abandon. Children improved their physical dexterity and eye-hand coordination through pouring, running, dodging water sprays and gleefully hopping through a sprinkler. Water-play is known to delight the senses and is far more than simply pleasurable for young children. It is good for children’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth. Undoubtedly, our water-play was one of the most relaxing activities children could experience. Dancing in the rain on peppy music, relieved tension by encouraging children to release their emotions. Water-play activity was a super-hit with our little ones and they are already asking for more.

Trip to National Museum

On 27/07/2016 students of Senior Secondary who have opted for Fine Arts as their subject of study, were taken on a trip to the National Museum, New Delhi. This trip was aimed at generating interest towards History and Arts among the young scholars. The students marveled at the artifacts that they had hitherto seen only in their textbooks viz. artifacts from Harappan Civilization, Bronze age, Gupta period, Chola period and Mughal period. Students were particularly overwhelmed to see the pios relic of Gautam Buddha. This educational programme provided a chance to our young learners to learn about the museum and its ancient artifacts, while making the process entertaining and fun.

Graphic Novel Workshop

On 23/07/2016, all students of class X visited an Exhibition on ‘Telling Stories through Pictures’ at India Habitat Centre New Delhi which was augmented by a workshop on nuances of developing a graphic story. The event was organized by Campfire Graphic Novels. Students learned that the combination of visuals and texts create endless possibilities of telling and re-telling stories across various genres viz. Classics, Mythologies, History etc. For practical application of the newly acquired knowledge, the visit was followed by an assignment on developing graphic stories. The assignment was aimed at enabling the students to develop their mental faculties of observation, imagination and creation.

English Creative Writing Competition

A literary event 'Literati' was organised in the school on July 22nd where all the students of the school, right from grade 1 through 12, participated in English Creative Writing Competitions. The beginners surprised everyone by their excellent guided writing pieces while their seniors explored different literary genres viz. story, poetry, essay, letter, article, picture description, paragraph writing. The students felt immensely motivated when the best three compositions from every class were published on the school blog.

Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony was held at Vishwa Bharati Public School Greater Noida on July 20th 2016. Student Council marched in with their heads held high. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the guests, followed by an inspiring speech by the school Principal. The newly appointed Council Members were adorned with sashes and received the flag from the Chief Guest Mr A K Bhat. This was followed by the entire council taking oath led by the Head Boy Kunal Sahni. School Secretary Mr M L Nakhasi, in his speech, emphasized the importance of discipline and dignity of the individual and the institution. The new Head Girl Soumya Srivastava through a confident speech, promised that her team would carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence. Mr Bhat congratulated the student leaders and wished them luck on their journey ahead.

Trip to Rashtrapati Bhavan

50 students of grade 8 from Vishwa Bharati Public School, Greater Noida visited the majestic Rashtrapati Bhavan and were overawed by the sheer opulence of our Presidential Palace at the Raisena Hills. Our President who is a man of strong democratic traditions and humble beginnings has recently made the President House accessible to the common people. Making the best of this opportunity, our children walked through the iconic corridors of the Rashtrapati Bhavan to reach Forecourt, Durbar Hall, Library, Long Drawing Room, North Drawing Room, Ashoka Hall and Banquet Hall. The trip culminated with a stroll around the legendary Mughal Gardens and then finally a picnic at the India gate lawns.

Malala Day for Global Education

Malala Day, was observed on 12th July to emphasize the importance of universal education. Through a special assembly, children highlighted that it is not just a day to celebrate Malala Yousafzai, the courageous girl from our Indian subcontinent; rather it is a day for all children everywhere to raise their voices for education and be heard. On this occasion students were sensitized towards hardships faced by other children aspiring for education. Students pledged to stand up for education and proclaim to the world that they are stronger than the enemies of education and stronger than the forces that prevent people from leading educated and productive lives. Later the film ‘He named me Malala’ was screened for the students. ‘Books not Bullets’ was the slogan raised by the enlightened students.

Art & Craft Exhibition and Parents Orientation

Parents Orientation sessions were held on 02.07.2016, 08.07.2016 and 16.07.2016 for the Pre-primary, Primary, Middle and Senior School. On this occasion Principal extended a warm welcome to the parents, telling them about the school and the importance of good parenting and teaching. The parents got a glimpse of the confidence and enthusiasm of the little ones through cultural performances by the children. Interactive sessions helped the parents understand their growing child and the issues they could face in the new phase in their child’s life. A few points highlighted were value education, the importance of our family system, constant communication and the importance of observational learning. Orientation was also an opportunity for parents to know what to expect in the coming months and also equip themselves for it. The school explained the pattern for conducting examinations, the co-curricular activities and the support required from parents.

Later the parents were taken around theArt & Craft Exhibition where they marveled at the creativity of the children. On the display were the recycled tyre installation art, CD mosaic art, glass paintings and tape-art in addition to drawing, sketching and painting.

School Reopens

Vishwa Bharati Public School, Greater Noida reopened on July 1st 2016 after the summer vacation. There was an air of festivity in the school with teachers welcoming pre-primary children with goodies. The senior students were seen greeting each other with smiles while the new entrants who felt themselves curious in the hustle and bustle were assigned buddies. Effort was made to make this day a happy one for all.

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